School Breakfast Clubs

Through our tailored programme of breakfast clubs we can support improved learning, attendance and discipline with a range of activities, games and exercise.

The clubs provide an invaluable place for the children to play, learn and let off steam before school starts.

Statistics show that children who attend breakfast clubs focus better in class which helps improve their performance in school.

After School Clubs

After school clubs are a great way for children to gain confidence, improve their skills and are tailored to meet the needs of all ages and abilities.

Children will experience new activities that they may not have previously had the opportunity to take part in.

Children who took part in organised sports or other activities, such as dance, at the ages of 5, 7 and 11 were almost one-and-a-half times more likely to reach a higher than expected level in key stage 2 maths, according to researchers from NatCen Social Research, Newcastle University and ASK Research.

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtime clubs are an ideal opportunity for children to enjoy structured sessions. Pupils can engage in positive and healthy activities during the school day.

Research indicates that children being active at lunchtime behave better during afternoon lessons and are able to concentrate more for the duration of the school day.