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Christmas Extravaganza Day

Get in to the holiday spirit with some fantastic, festive fun! A whole school, interactive cookery day full of Christmas themed eats and treats. Your children will enjoy sampling new foods and learning how different countries celebrate Christmas around the world! With quizzes and Christmas themed games this is a real celebration for the end of the year.

Experience Days & After School

  • Themed experience days- World War 2, Chinese New Year, Fairtrade, Harvest Festival etc.
  • After school cookery clubs- Half term or full term programmes.
  • Bespoke workshops.
  • Teacher CPD.
  • Health & Nutrition Workshop.
  • Parent & Child cookery clubs.
  • Community Engagement.

Enterprise Day

A chance for KS2 to really show off their entrepreneurial skills! Your students will watch our chef cook some delicious dishes whilst interacting together and tasting the food! They will then be separated in to groups to set up their own restaurant, cafe or street food stall!
Using their initiative and imagination they will adapt the dishes they have seen to fit in with their brand. They will decide on a company name and slogan, work out the cost and profit of their products, design the packaging of their product, decide who their target audience will be, identify a unique selling point, develop market strategies and decide on branding.
Ending with group presentations, this is a fantastic chance to apply their numeracy and literacy skills to real life problem solving!
Discounts will be offered for multiple days booked depending on number of children.