If you run a community centre or are a community group and you are looking to provide new activities to your community then please contact us.

We help to engage all members of local communities, regardless of ability, age or background.

As a company based in the North East with a strong presence throughout the region, we understand local issues. We can consult you on your objectives and we work hard to achieve them – drawing on our wide range of activities.

We like to bring purpose to communities and groups in terms of physical and emotional health and inclusivity.

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NERAF group


Keep Active is a community interest company that inspires adults, young people and children to achieve success through sport, fitness, dance, cooking and creative activities.  Health, well-being and inclusivity are at the heart of everything we do.  We aim to encourage everyone to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.  We organise activities in schools, community groups and at our base.

Let’s Cook Together

A three-week development programme designed to engage parents, guardians, carers and children to learn the importance of healthy eating and develop their skills and knowledge to be able to

prepare healthy economical nutritious products.

Parents and children are referred to our programme by our school partner Dame Dorothy school and attend a 2-hour interactive cookery session for three weeks.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Develop the confidence of the of the participants
  • Learn valuable cookery skills stimulate an interest in cooking and develop lifelong learning skills in young children to take forward into adult life.
  • Learn about the importance of healthy eating and the health benefits of eating a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Give participants quality time together where they can learn and interact together.
  • Foster and build positive relationships to learning which can be transferred into the classroom
  • Learn how to budget and plan healthy economical meals and snacks.
  • Give participants the confidence to buy fresh ingredients, follow a recipe and cook dishes from scratch.
  • Give participants the knowledge to make informed food choices.

At the end of each session each pair take home two healthy nutritious dishes, a recipe with further recipe ideas they can try at home in a cookery book designed to encourage further fun cooking together sessions.

What people enjoyed about the programme

Learning new recipes and different methods of cooking

Spending time with ———

Getting to make my own food and learning about good nutrition

I have enjoyed learning about nutrition and new skills in cooking with my daughter. It has encouraged us to experiment more at home since doing this, we have really enjoyed and appreciated the programme.


Over the past few months, we have worked in partnership with Keep Active in delivering the Kreative Kitchen programme from our Community Hub to children and families who attend Dame Dorothy Primary.

We focused on the families who had the greatest need and created the opportunity chance for them to engage in family cookery sessions whilst gaining a greater understanding of why healthy food is good for us.

The hope is for grown-ups to take home the healthy recipes and to make them at home with other family members involved.

The Kreative Kitchen programme has been an excellent opportunity for school forge greater links with families who are in need and to build on our excellent relationship with Kreative Kitchen.

Gary Byers

Dame Dorothy Primary School

Dock Street