Fitness training programmes

Everyone needs to find ways to stay fit and healthy. We think we have the solution, regardless of who you are.

Fitness training

We work with mixed ability groups in a variety of settings, such as schools, community groups, healthcare environments and we deliver fitness programmes that get results. We’ll help you to get fit and healthy, stay fit and healthy – and enjoy doing it!

FitBlast programme

FitBlast is a specific fitness programme developed by our coach Phill. It is  variable intensity fitness programme designed for short, regular sessions. Participants can go at their own speed and choose from alternative exercises in places to match their current ability. You can then quickly progress to a fitter, healthier state.

The programme is based on a high intensity and low intensity mix, in a motivational group environment and is low impact, so anyone can participate. This applies regardless of current fitness or health condition.

It’s a very popular and full programme with music, varied activities and supportive groups.