On your marks! Get set! … Bake!  And they certainly did.  Pupils at Blackhall Primary had an amazing day baking and creating their very own cake masterpieces to compete for the title of Bake-off champions.

The day got off to a flying start with every team deciding on the best flavours to bake, swiftly followed by a team meeting to create a cake based on a bonfire night theme.  The teams did not disappoint!  They used their new cake decorating skills along with some fabulous team work to complete their cake in record time.  Just in time for a visit from our guest judge, Martina Lawson from Sunderland’s bakery, ‘A Taste of Home’

The winning team had chosen a very appropraiate name ‘Cake masters’  Their cake design demonstrated skills that the boys developed quickly throughout the day.  These, skills, along with amazing teamwork, ensured they walked away with the title of ‘Blackhall Colliery Bake-off champion 2017’.

Blackhall teacher, Kay Stephenson, was impressed by how much the children achieved in such a short space of time, saying:

‘..we are having a FABULOUS day. Children have absolutely loved the activity – a great idea to bring into schools’.

Pupils said ‘I enjoyed all of the day, especially teamwork!  We helped each other out’

‘Everyone should do a bake-off.  It was absolutely great fun!’

As well as having a thoroughly enjoyeable day, the children used real life skills that helped them to bake successfully, skills in delegation, working in a team and following a brief.

If you would like to book a Kreative Kitchen Bake-off day for your school, please contact Nicola on 0191 5194322 or email nicola@keepactive.org.uk

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