Bunnyhill Centre, Sunderland


A girl of 7yrs of age attended the coaching session.  Her mother was reluctant at first as her daughter had not been left before and she wasn’t sure if she really liked football or any sort of sports.

Mum worried for the full day about how she was going to get on with the others in the group.

When she picked her up she couldn’t believe that all her daughter wanted to talk about was the activities.  She loved all of them, especially the ball games.  She mixed well with all the children and joined in games that she wouldn’t normally do.

Her mum has said that her daughter wanted to know when the next session was as she thoroughly enjoyed the activities and also the staff which she said, “were cool”.   Mum was impressed with the whole set up and also that her daughter was in safe hands.  She was also pleased that her daughter was able to participate in a full day activities, where she was active rather than sitting at home watching TV.  She said that it was a great opportunity and something she would herself struggle to fund with her current situation of being on benefits with two young children – however she did say that she would where possible cut back and try to fund some sessions as they would be worth it for the enjoyment and the purpose of benefits to her daughter.

They are looking forward to other sessions and also some outdoor games, venue permitting.

From evaluating the responses from the children and their parents they had a very interesting, interactive day.  The children were exited at telling their parents of the activities they had taken part in and when would they be able to do it again.  They enjoyed the social aspect of mixing with the other children, with one parent commenting on the fact her son (13 years old) never mixed and she was worried that there wouldn’t be many children her son’s age.  She came early to pick him up just in case, however when she looked in he was mixing with others and enjoying the activities.  When he came out he told her it was excellent and he really enjoyed it – she did say that she missed him more than he missed her, choosing the activities over a day at the beach.

Another parent had said her sister in law never allowed her two children out as they had additional needs and felt others would pick on them.  When speaking to her she said that they were a bit shy at first.  They told her that they thought the dodge ball was great and they loved being with the other children.

Judith Turnbull, Community Involvement Worker, Bunnyhill Children Centre

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