Houghton Kepier Sports College, Sunderland

“Kepier were delighted to welcome ‘Keep Kids Active’ to run a holiday camp for us in the summer of 2012. The whole event was a great success, very well attended and with very positive feedback from both parents and children involved. As someone who also runs holiday weeks for those learners coming to us from primary schools, I was delighted to witness the professionalism and enthusiasm of all those staff involved.”

– Dave Brennan, Community Development Manager, Houghton Kepier Sports College

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Heworth Grange Comprehensive School, Gateshead

“The work we have carried out with KKA has been very successful … They help children keep fit and occupied. They have helped with behaviour management as challenging students now have an activity they enjoy during lunchtime.”

– Heworth Grange Comprehensive School, Gateshead

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Bunnyhill Centre, Sunderland

“A girl of 7yrs of age attended the coaching session. Her mother was reluctant at first as her daughter had not been left before….When she picked her up she couldn’t believe that all her daughter wanted to talk about was the activities. She loved all of them, especially the ball games. She mixed well with all the children and joined in games that she wouldn’t normally do.”

– Judith Turnbull, Community Involvement Worker, Bunnyhill Children Centre

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Parent Testimonial, Heworth Grange Camp

“I would like to thank and congratulate the Keep Kids Active organisation which held their Summer camp at Heworth Grange School….I’m hoping it will continue to be “Active” next year too. ”

– Heather Delmonte

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