Our mission statement is ‘Inspiration through positive activity’ and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a range of activities to people of all ages and abilities. While any activity we deliver is of the utmost importance to us, we feel that our work with Age UK and the Essence group is particularly rewarding for all involved.
The charity aims to support people who have recently been diagnosed with dementia. Our involvement with members of the Essence group is vital in providing people with a sense of purpose and confidence in what can be a confusing and upsetting time. We provide activities that will stimulate and engage dementia sufferers. Simple yet fun and sociable activities.
Being a CIC, we are limited with the funds that we have available. Also, we provide this service to a charity, who also have limited funds. Therefore, keeping costs to a minimum is essential. The service we provide is for vulnerable adults and must be easily accessed by these adults and their families in order to have the greatest impact. The number of diagnosis in the city is on the increase, with more people requiring access to a service of this type.
The increase in the prevalence of dementia will be much greater than the increase in population. In fact, using estimates of prevalence by age and the available population projections suggests that the number of people in Sunderland with dementia will increase by about half (49.6%) between 2005 and 2025. Even by 2010 the prevalence will increase by 8% and by 2015 there will be almost 20% more people with dementia in the City.
(Gillian Gibson, Older People’s Mental Health Group. 2007)
Because of this increase, the need for our provision is only going to be more in demand.
As well as the service we provide to Essence, we will be able to use the equipment requested to deliver activities in many schools in deprived areas of Sunderland and surrounding areas.

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